Would you ever build a new house without looking at a floorplan? Would the builder ever build it without architecture drawings, measurements or a plan? Likely not. Communicating your brand to your current and potential customers should be no different. A solid, creative marketing strategy with CINCH will ensure you get:

  • Target market research for each client group and each product or service.

  • Creative advertising tools to match your branding and messaging.

  • A tactical advertising plan to match your goals and your budget.

  • A means of evaluating your efforts to track effectiveness.

  • Insight into the appropriate budget you need to reach your goals.

  • Budget planning direction.

  • Brand guidance and professional assistance.

  • Strategy planning only OR full service planning and advertising deployment.


You have a budget, you know what you need. We have helped you plan your strategy, now what? All of that research and planning now needs to create something that your customers will relate to and be inspired to connect with. Content creation with CINCH means you have access to creative professionals that will:

  • Design everything you need: Logo, business cards, presentation folders, retractable banners, tradeshow materials and displays, vehicle decals and wraps, presentations, website, social media ads, social media content, mail pieces, and customer newsletters.

  • We will create the best tone and language for your brand and write all of the content required for your advertising.

  • Anything you need, we can create and write it!


Your strategy has been thoughtfully planned, it meets your budget, and now looks beautiful! What's next? Lets get it out to the masses! There are two mainstreams of marketing that most messaging will fit into, push or pull marketing. Depending on your product or service, the messaging for both could be the same, however a lot of the time it will be very different.

Push marketing is when we are reaching out to a network that you are already connected to. This could be a mailing list, your social media followers, or current and past customers. For this group, the content and goals are all about staying connected and keeping them interested and engaged in what you are offering.


Pull marketing is when you are trying to pull new customers to your brand. How you reach out to a target market that doesn't know you will likely be very different then how to reach those that have heard of you. Often the copywriting and advertising messaging needs a unique call to action that connects the benefits you offer to the need of those you want to connect with. Leave this to us! It can get complicated and needs to be constantly watched and scaled to ensure you are engaging your audience.  

How SOLD is your target market?

Each group of customers and potential customers can also fall into a few different classifications:

  1. Those that have never heard of you.

  2. Those that have heard your name but are not sure what you offer and if they need you.

  3. Those that know who you are, what you offer but don't need you yet.

  4. Those that know you, need you, and are ready to buy.

  5. Those that use you already.

  6. Those that use you and refer you.

You goal with this customer groups is to move them all to #6! Each step along the way needs a different strategy, a different call to action, and different content. Each of these groups are evaluated when we start with your strategy. 


Did it all work? How are you going to measure your results? Having a method to see the numbers and the trends is esstial to a good marketing plan. Before you start, you need to know how you plan to determine if it all worked and what to modify going forward. Yes! Marketing is the perfect balance of creativity and math.