This year has been TOUGH! As human beings, we can and will adapt to change to survive and thrive. Unfortunately, this past year has thrown circumstances at many businesses that have either forced them to pivot or to dial back their business. It has been scary and for some, very sad.

CINCH is committed to always supporting our small business community. As a local small business ourselves, we know what it's like to make sacrifices and we want to do our part to help support local in a way that we know best... FREE MARKETING!!



We want to award a FREE Small Business Marketing Package to a business that needs help to thrive in our current economic environment. Perhaps they need help getting an online store up and running to make up for a reduction in foot traffic sales. Maybe this business doesn't have a marketing budget or the means to fulfill the budget needed in this unique situation. We want to help them!



We are so excited to make a difference for a small business in need! Here is what will be included in the FREE Small Business Marketing Package:

  1. Social Media page set-up and education: We will set up 2 social media pages or optimize current ones to ensure their brand is being showcased and promoted properly.  1 hour of training is included.

  2. Social Media Tool-kit: 5 branded watermark images and templates to use for social posting. These watermarks will help to solidify brand recognition and consistency with their online marketing footprint.

  3. FREE Website or Website Re-Design: If you do not have a website or one that you are proud of, we will make it fabulous! If your website exists but doesn't help you drive sales, we will fix it. If you don't have a website and need one, we will make it!

  4. One Year of FREE Web Hosting: If you require a new hosting package with your website, we will provide free hosting for one year.

  5. Website SEO and Key Word Optimization: A website isn't very useful if no one can find it! We will put in all of the keywords to connect you to Google and get you started on getting found online.

  6. FREE Mindset + Success Coaching: CINCH will give you the strategy and the tools, but a hard part this year is battling the mindset of being stuck in a Pandemic! We have asked a trusted Mindset Guru, Myla Trenchuk to come onboard with this giveaway. She will provide Mindset + Success Coaching to help shift your mindset to match the new trajectory of your marketing strategy!


The winner of this contest will be awarded based on the greatest need and one that has struggled substantially through the Pandemic. You may enter by nominating yourself or by nominating a business that you know needs a little helping hand.


Good luck! We hope to make a difference in a way that we know best :)