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2023 Marketing Trends

Each year something shifts in the digital world that influences how we communicate. These interactions also directly impact how we all value the brands that we support, trust, and choose to invest in. Before the existence of social media, voice-controlled devices, and the ability to search the depths of a product and brand online, these decisions had a more organic outcome. It was all about where you parents did their shopping, what sales you saw in the local paper, and what you heard on the radio. With an increase the vast number of advertising channels, it is not only complex for the consumer, but also increasingly hard for businesses and brands to determine which marketing strategy and message is best suited for their target audience. Access to information means we increasingly live in a consumer driven economic state. How can you still control the message, your reputation, and your ability to remain top of mind to all generations of decision makers?

Cinch Communications is dialed into the vast world of digital conversations. Each week, platforms such as Meta, Instagram, and LinkedIn are continually changing algorithms, advertising rules, content flags, and industry restrictions. Influenced by some of the trends of 2022, here are some of the incoming Marketing Trends for 2023 that influence the marketing and advertising strategies we design for our clients.

Voice Search

This advanced search capability will be a quick to adopt trend over the coming years. Already over 21% of drivers use voice command for directions and GPS connections. Outside of driving directions, 55% of all voice searches happen in the living room or kitchen of homes. As one of the fastest growing content trends, Statista’s reporting finds that the use of voice command search will increase from 35% to 75% in the next two years.

How do you stay in-front of this emerging communication and search tool? SEO and Google My Business. Stay on top of your SEO or hire a company like Cinch to stay on top of the keyword gaps and trends that will keep you on the top of search engine results that are on traditional devices or voice command devices. Remember that the next generation are growing up in homes that are driven by smart devices and access to information at their fingertips. How are you diving into a strategy to engage with this generation? Start a strategy NOW that will seamlessly evolve along with this emerging trend.

Video and Content Marketing

This is not a new concept, however the type of content and how people will engage with online videos is constantly changing. Video marketing serves many objectives for businesses but the most important one, in our opinion, is to communicate an authentic and fun representation of your brand. Consumers are increasingly making buying decisions based on how a brand makes them feel and how the messaging has connected to their own value system, personal goals, traditional comforts, and system of trust.

Our advice, make a content plan. You want to convey why someone should buy from you, trust you, and make a decision that connects them to your product or decision. These messages need to align with the goals of your business and an exact profile of your ideal customer. A marketing expert will evaluate these goals, your unique offering, messaging specifics, and budget. Choose a marketer that will know how to dive into these aspects of your business and not only create content for today, but plan for how to connect to the next generation of customers. Think long-term when planning creative content.

Mobile Optimization and Responsive Websites

Remember when this concept of accessing the internet on your phone was something new and exciting? Now mobile devices are becoming the leader in browsing devices. If you pay attention to your website analytics you will have noticed that mobile devices have been creeping closer to hits to your site from a desktop and in most cases, it’s evenly matched or surpassed as a lead browsing device.

If this is the case for your business, how closely do you focus on optimizing the user experience on a mobile device. A lot of do-it-yourself platforms will automatically create a mobile site, but have you closely evaluated how intuitive it is for your customers? If your menus are messy or not obvious, if the navigation or information access is cumbersome, your bounce rates on mobile will continue to increase and your sales and online acquisition will continually decrease.

Your best defence is a fully responsive website. There are fast-emerging platforms such as Editor X from Wix that merge a designers dream platform with the ability to also custom code an entire, fully responsive website. Ask the questions to your web developer. Make sure there is equal and specific emphasis put on optimizing a mobile experience as there is for a desktop website.

Social Media for Customer Service

We often speak to companies that feel their brand is not suited for social media. Perhaps they serve an older demographic, or they do not fully understand what social media can do for them. In some cases, perhaps their industry has not evolved to that point, or their own customer acquisition has not focussed on gaining traction for the next generation of decision makers. Outside of how consumers learn about you, you must also consider how they want to communicate with you. Social media platforms are a location for sharing information, having conversations, and being able to provide real-time updates about your industry and brand. If you don’t use it now, consider how to integrate it in the near future. A growing trend in some industries is communication on instant messaging to deliver facts, transaction details, sales, complaints, and so much more. If people want to reach you, please make sure you are planning a strategy that makes it easiest for the customer. Consider as well that 95% of shoppers will research you online before they ever pick up a phone to call. Make sure they can find you and provide all means of communication necessary.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing is not specific to one industry, and it also doesn’t apply to all industries. With that in mind, this growing trend may not add value to your individual marketing mix. If you are adding this channel to your mix, pay attention to how local and global influencers connect to your industry and your target audience. The concept of authentic brand adoption is strongest with Influencers. Influencers build their brand and value by connecting to a following that has a deep connection to their values, opinions, and decisions. These unique following gains trust quickly through a connection that is deep to a consumer. If you connect your brand these Influencers, mass-adoption of your brand is very likely. Keep an eye on this trend and emerging Influencers that could drop your product to their audience for quick adoption and consumer trust.

Other up and coming marketing trends include marketing automation, marketing technology integration, virtual reality, employee advocacy, and foundational messaging. Stay connected for more information and tips on emerging marketing trends and changes.

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