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Platform Management and The Content That Matters

Have you tried navigating the dicey social media world for your business? It can be difficult to know just how often to share content and which platforms to focus your time on. Is daily, weekly, or hourly content required? Daily thought into content is necessary, but deploying it as such only applies to some businesses and specific industries. How do you know which one you fit into to determine the needed frequency? Strategy!

Marketing, especially social media, is not a one-size-fits-all solution for digital marketing channels; for example, if you have a business that sells retail products online and in-store, you need a robust strategy that connects daily content and multiple influencers to maximize audience reach and messaging to the correct sales funnels.

But what if you are a mortgage broker, an accountant, or a home builder? Daily posts and influencers are not the strategies that may suit that audience and your marketing goals. Perhaps you need quality content with paid audience reach and a robust community engagement strategy. As a home builder, you want to reach people when they are acting on this big decision. Whether or not they choose YOU to build their home depends on multiple factors, including: Do they know your brand, and have they heard of you? Are they suited for the type of homes you build? Are they in your target location or planning a move from another city? To reach customers in any of those segments or more requires a different strategy to reach them and be the one they remember. This is why a singular social media approach doesn't work. Consider where your clients are. Are they across Canada? Just in one city? Those two factors alone will help guide if you should post content daily and what that content should include. How can you figure this out? Strategy!

Remember, those who follow you are the only ones who will see your content. Do you deeply understand those who follow your page? Do they need to hear from you every day? If that answer is yes, then what is valued to them? Are you communicating that with your content? If you are trying to build a brand and reach new business, posting daily or multiple times a day is a waste of time. You then need to focus on quality over quantity and develop a strategy to target the audience that represents the profile of the customers that will grow your business in each segment.

Avoid drowning in the worry of needing to develop daily content, especially if it's not suited to your target audience and your call to action. We will help you find a strategy that will best connect to your customers and your business goals.


  1. Cinch works together every day. What does this mean? We have a staffed agency at an office in Red Deer, Alberta. We work closely together on all our client accounts to instantly gain design, content, and strategic insights on everything we work on for our incredible customers. It is important to have a full-time team that works all day together. We know how to gain the best from each other's skills and support each other when our creative engines run out of gas.

  2. Every creative entity has its groove. Ours is all about strategy. If you want to talk to a marketing strategist and have a tailored approach to your marketing and social media, we ensure that what we do for you is meant just for you. We really believe that marketing is never a "one size fits all" solution.

  3. We are the only Advertising Agency in Central Alberta that is a Designated Meta Marketing Partner. With this certification comes a wealth of knowledge and insights into how best to reach target audiences and grow your brand in a CINCH!

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