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Threads vs. X - What's the difference? Do you need both? Which is better for your business?

Updated: Aug 14, 2023

You cannot get far today without being dialled into a digital form of communication and connection. In today's digital age, social media platforms are becoming increasingly important for businesses of all sizes. X, formerly known as Twitter, has been a popular choice for social media marketing for several years now, but with the introduction of Instagram's Threads, there's a new kid on the block. So, which one should your business use? In this blog post, we'll look at the key differences between Threads and X and help you decide which one is the best fit for your business.

Interface and Design

The first thing you'll notice about Threads is its clean and streamlined interface. It is designed to be a separate app from Instagram that allows users to quickly and easily share their status and updates with their close friends. On the other hand, X's interface has remained relatively unchanged over the years. It is a fast-paced platform that allows users to quickly share their thoughts and opinions with the world. If you are looking for a modern and minimalist social media platform, Threads may be the better option for your business.

Audience and Purpose

X's main purpose is to connect people all over the world by sharing short, bite-sized messages. X is primarily used for public communication, making it a great platform for businesses to reach a wider audience. Threads, however, is designed for private conversations between close friends. This makes Threads a better option if your business wants to have more personal conversations with its customers and clients.

Hashtags and Discovery

X is well-known for its use of hashtags and trending topics. Many businesses take advantage of hashtags to gain more visibility and reach on the platform. Threads, on the other hand, does not support hashtags or public discovery. This may make it a less ideal choice for businesses that want to increase their visibility and brand awareness.

Analytics and Tracking

One of the biggest advantages of X over Threads is its robust analytics and tracking tools. X's analytics lets you track impressions, engagements, and other metrics for every post you send out. This can be extremely valuable for businesses looking to evaluate the effectiveness of their social media marketing campaigns. Threads does not currently offer any analytics or tracking tools, making it difficult to track the success of your campaigns.

Integration with Other Platforms

Finally, X has the advantage of being a well-established platform that integrates easily with other social media platforms, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Threads, however, is a standalone app that does not integrate with any other social media platforms. This may make it more difficult for businesses to maintain their social media presence across multiple platforms.


In conclusion, both Threads and X have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. The best platform for your business will depend on your goals and objectives. If you are looking for a clean and minimalist platform for private conversations with close friends, and a personal connection to your customers, Threads may be the better option. However, if you are looking for a platform to reach a wider audience and track the effectiveness of your social media marketing campaigns, X is likely the better choice. Ultimately, the decision comes down to your specific business needs and goals, and it may be worth testing out both platforms to see which one works best for you.

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