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Custom Website Design & Graphic Design | Red Deer Web Design

"I believe in marketing and advertising that has a well-planned strategy, excellent content, knowing your audience, and bringing it together by creating something beautiful." 

- Lindsey Loring, Owner & Creative Director

Communication group Red Deer

About Us

With experience spanning many industries and over 30+ years working with branding, marketing strategy, graphic design, website design, social media, and more, our team is ready to build your online brand.

Cinch is a full-service advertising agency. This means we can facilitate building all aspects of your brand and advertising from the design to the implementation, to tracking results and metrics of your investment. 

All businesses and products need a marketing strategy to be well-planned and beautifully executed. We have experience with corporate branding, tactical advertising, strategic planning, graphic design, web design, and web support. 

We know every customer, product, and service is unique and pride ourselves on our personal approach to every project to make a difference in your business and your bottom line.​

Let's connect and create something tailor-made for you and your business!

Lindsey Loring

Lindsey Loring, Owner and Project Manager has 19 years of marketing expertise spanning many industries. With experience in branding, project management, graphic design, website design, tactical advertising, and media planning, she is a key component to communication planning, execution, and brand excellence. Her knowledge and experience will guide and facilitate meeting your marketing and advertising goals and future planning objectives.

Owner/Creative Director



Website Designer - 14 years

Graphic Designer - 19 years

Marketing and Brand Strategist - 16 years

Business Owner - 14 years

Marketing and Sales - 22 years

Digital Advisor - 12 years

University of Calgary - Marketing & Communications

Mount Royal College - Public Relations

Certified Wix Partner and Designer

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Mariah Blair

Marketing Assistant & Project Manager

Mariah is the first point of contact for all our customers. She is professional, compassionate, and highly organized. As a graduate of Fashion Marketing, she knows how to put a twist on the visual impression of all our campaigns. As an assistant to the owner, she is also what makes some of the special attention we give our clients possible. She is a skilled administrator and marketer, and she keeps us all organized.

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Katrina Sharpe

Social Media Manager

Katrina (Kat) is a skilled social media marketer. She knows the best way to build and reach a social media following. She is creative and talented in content marketing, video editing, creating reels, stories, paid advertising strategies, and consistency with social media deployment. Katrina is a Media Studies Graduate and applies her vast knowledge in media data, tracking, and design for each and every account at Cinch.


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Katie Gerula

Social Media Specialist & Media Writer

Katie is creative and a wizard of words. She graduated from broadcasting and dove into a long career in radio and marketing before joining Cinch in 2021. She is skilled, kind, and passionate about creating messaging and communications that have an impact. She can jump into your brand from the perspective of a customer and pull out the needed story to grow your following, engagement, and brand awareness on all social media platforms.

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Shyan Myers

Marketing Assistant

As a graduate in business and communications, she is keen to begin her marketing career. As a new member of Cinch, she is directly involved in all client projects to gain experience and help the team.

Shyan manages all of our analytics and reporting for over 200 clients. Being well-versed in the data behind the work we all do is developing her skills and understanding in a deep way. 

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Courtney Radu

Google Specialist

Courtney began her career in Marketing as a project manager and graphic designer. Over the years, her fascination with the data connected to marketing has driven her passion to focus on digital and Google advertising. She is skilled at building targeted search, display, and pay-per-click campaigns that get your business found online.


As a Certified Google Specialist, she adds an integral skill set to our client service portfolios.

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