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Your Strategic Marketing Plan with Cinch Communications is a deep dive into your branding, customer acquisition, and goals. Your outcome is a broad picture of your brand language, customer profiling, and a success roadmap for your business. Having a strategic plan developed is step 1 before you attempt any tactical advertising. You may find that the best-suited sales channels are not what you expect. When it comes to your advertising dollars, you do not want to throw money at a target wearing a blindfold, you want to make sure you are aiming for the right spot with the right tools. With Cinch Communications your Strategic Marketing Plan will include an experience tailored to your needs.

Your Strategic Marketing Plan in a CINCH


Your goals will drive all of the steps that form your Marketing Plan. These goals will have levels and may differ each year, each quarter, or bu each business segment.

Client Analysis & Customer Profiling

Who is your customer? Depending on your goals, you may have different client avatars. These different personas are connected by unique attributes to different parts of you business. Part of your Strategic Marketing Plan is identifying and giving life to these customer personas.


Creating a brand language that connects to your goals and the unique attributes of your customer personas is essential on getting your SEO and digital marketing content correct, targeted, and consistent. 


Your marketing budget should be determined by your goals and how to reach your ideal customers. This is not a one option fits all type of plan. You may find that different segments of your business need different budgets based on the customer persona, the goal, and your optimal advertising channels.

Advertising Channels

This part of the plan starts to dive into the creativity in your communication. How will you reach your ideal customer to meet your goals, communicate your brand, and match your defined budget? These channels include radio, print advertising, billboards, commercials, different social media platforms, social media influencers, Google advertising, website blogging, tradeshows, GEO targeting ads, and so much more.

Measure Results

Without knowing where you are it is hard to plan for what is to come. Marketing Strategy requires the ability to be tracked and evaluated. Accurate insights are available through most channels of advertising and are essential to a good plan. Often these insights can give direction for growth, opportunities, changes, and paint a picture for the evolution of your business. 

Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy is an essential part of your business. You should have one made and reviewed each year. They can be simple or very immersive. They will guide budgeting and goals, and show opportunities for potential growth.

Your Plan

You need a digital footprint as a part of your marketing strategy. The first place to start is with a well-planned and beautifully designed website. We build websites that focus on the user experience and your brand in mind. 

Fully-Responsive Website

What you say and how you say it matters. Your online content must reflect your brand, address the needs of your customers, and connect to the relevant keywords that will get you found on search. This is possible through keyword evaluation, content manipulation, and proper page indexing. What do you have in place for your SEO plan?

Content Built for SEO

Effective Social Media is a must-have. Reaching consumers on different platforms requires a focus on building followers and audiences that will positively impact your brand and goals. Maintaining consistency and authentic, creative content is essential to managing your social media effectively.

Social Media Management

Authentic content, storytelling, humour, relatability, branded photography, creative videography, and planned micro-content will elevate your online footprint very quickly. The more an online, targeted audience can connect to your values, vision, and branding, the more you will develop trust and a deep connection to your customers.

Creative Content

The concept of customer engagement is as simple as replying to reviews on Google My Business, and as comprehensive as maintaining a blog and regular e-newsletters. It cost roughly less 50% in advertising cost to retain a customer as it does to gain a new one. If you managed to engage 25% of your existing customers in a deeper way, it would increase revenue and reduce the cost of your ROI for ad dollars.

Customer Engagement

Expecting to grow your customer base without investing in paid advertising is something to be reconsidered. The world online is competitive but it also has enormous opportunities for your business. Paid advertising can be effective with as little as $100/month depending on your audience and targeting. Social Media platforms vary in price for investments in push advertising, and Google is the leader in paid pull advertising.

Paid Advertising

All marketing strategies require the ability to be evaluated. Digital advertising is unique from most other advertising in the way it can be evaluated and tracked. All marketing with Cinch is inclusive of comprehensive reporting. We use the data to plan strategy with customers, manage budget changes, create trending and creative content, and further develop goal setting and growth.

Insights and Evaluation

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