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Get Social in a CINCH!

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Get Social in a Cinch!

Get social! Connection with each other on a social platform is common thread with everyone. We register for events, look at family pictures, stay connected to groups that interest us, and most of all, believe it or not, we are being influenced online everyday. It is how we are introduced to trends, current events, local news, and world events.

Have you considered what tapping into this source of influence could do to your business or your brand? How could it shift perspective, improve communication, and create engagement? Would it improve your customer service? Could you have a different call to action or set a tone for your loyal followers? Even better, what if your business could evolve into a household name for your industry, in your local area and beyond?


Social media will take your business to the next level. In our current reality, so many of my clients have asked me, “how can I stay relevant and top of mind through this tough time?”. Get social! If you cannot see your customers in the same way, then shift how you communicate and stay engaged with them. Often, the assumption about advertising on social media is that all you must do is boost a post. Did you know there are over 15 different ways to advertise on social media? And that list changes constantly.

Here are some things to consider when you decide to dive in and take advantage of what social media can do for your business.


1. Who are your customers?

Are they different depending on which of your product or service you are considering? Perhaps you need a different strategy for different segments because you want to reach different age groups or demographics? Is the language you plan to use in your content suitable and engaging for that specific audience? These factors will write a template for how often and what you send out into the online world for people to find.


2. How is your branding?

Do you have consistency? Have you established a brand language? Do you have your own branded imagery? Do you have a website? If you do not have a website, or if it is out of date, you need this fixed before you should dive into social. Social is the driver and your website is the closer!


3. Do you have time?

If you decide to make social your sales engine, then you need to make sure you have the time to keep up with it and stay consistent. Posting randomly then missing multiple days reflects poorly on the impression you leave. If you run ads on social but do not keep up with content, it also gives a sour impression. Having a good marketing agency that specializes in social media marketing is essential to keep this on track for you if you do not have time. My agency will work with you to design a good blend for customers that still want to be connected to their page but need a little help with the branding, consistency, and some creativity.


4. Types of content.

Yes, there are many ways to create content for social. Video content is the most widely received content with the highest volume of engagement. Videos can be a commercial with a call to action, animated stills, live videos, product demos, influencer demos, trend videos, etc. Each type of content you choose will work differently on different social platforms. If your target audience is primarily other businesses, the platform you choose, and your reach targets will be very different then a business that is selling beauty and retail products.


5. Do you want to engage micro-influencers?

Do not underestimate the affordability and effectiveness of influencers on social media. It is a direct connection to an engaged group of customers that are already connected with someone that they expect to find new ideas from. Depending on your goals, customers, and products or services that you offer, an influencer can make a big impact. 58% of people have purchased a product or service in the last 6 months because of an influencer.


6. What is your budget?

Keep in mind that advertising dollars will go a long way on social media. The difference in your results and success will rely heavily on the creativity, branding, and consistency that you put into your efforts. Make sure you do the planning first and consult a professional marketer for ideas and support. Social media will work for big and small budgets.


If you have been wondering how social media can help your business and when the best time is to embark on this ever evolving and complex form of media, the time is now. People are online and engaging in very different ways then ever before. More age groups are online and looking for content that connects them to their interests. Considering that decision making consumers in the next decade will shift to primarily be a generation that seeks to connect online, make sure your business is prepared to get social, get online, and take advantage of how social media can shift your business, your sales potential, and your brand positioning.


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