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Instagram vs. Facebook

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

Instagram vs. Facebook

When it comes to social media marketing, both Facebook and Instagram remain extremely popular. That can lead to many questions... Which social media platform should you use for your business? Which platform should you advertise on?

Facebook remains to be the most popular with over 2.7 billion monthly users worldwide. Instagram continues to grow with over 1.1 billion monthly users worldwide. With billions of active users, it is clear that both social media platforms provide plenty of opportunities for your brand to interact and engage with customers.



  • 1.1 billion monthly users

  • 500 million daily active stories users worldwide

  • 68% of users visit the platform daily

  • 63% of users visit the site once per day

  • 65% of marketers say they plan to use Instagram more as a part of their brand's social strategy

  • 2/3 of Instagram audience are aged 34 years and younger

Here are some helpful ways to grow your Instagram brand for free. Make sure all your contact information, location and website are in your profile. Stories are extremely popular with Instagram users. They help grow engagement with your audience. Engage with your audience by offering a variety of content and drive traffic to your website.

Instagram Ads help enhance brand targeting and engagement. You can run a variety of different ads that would specifically help your brand. You can reach a younger audience. Instagram is a growing platform. Its audience is young and engaging. Depending on your demographic, this can be very helpful.



  • 2.7 Billion monthly users

  • 96% of active user accounts accessed via mobile devices

  • 74% of users visit the site once per day

  • 40% of consumers said they watch the most videos on Facebook

  • 65 million small businesses have Facebook Pages

  • 74% of marketers say they use Facebook more as part of their brand's social strategy.

Here are some tips for building your brand on Facebook for free. Give your customers updates and connect people with the products or services that you offer. Interact with your customer to increase engagement. Ask for feedback and offer customer service. Share details on promotions, sales and offers. Build a community to increase loyalty to your brand.

Facebook Ads help spread brand awareness in the newsfeeds of a specific audience that can be very targeted. They can help to find the right audience for your brand, while spending less money for a greater reach. They can also increase revenue, sales and leads. Facebook is a great platform to target an older more traditional audience.


Use both sides to reach a larger audience. Recently, Facebook and Instagram have been working hard to integrate both sides. The ability to have an Instagram placement for a Facebook ad and allowing users to share Instagram stories directly to Facebook. By using both Facebook and Instagram by integrating social media marketing campaigns, it can save time and increase your reach to larger audience.

Do you need help with your marketing? Contact Cinch Communications Inc. today. Don't make decisions about your brand or how to use social media until you have talked to a Social Media Professional. With the right insight, we can make recommendations, help build your brand, improve customer service, and grow your business with social media. Reach out today to create your social media strategy.

When you Get Social with CINCH you get:

  • Regular post content based on your package posts per week

  • Custom designed ads to fit your message and your brand

  • 10-30 second commercials made specifically for you, every month

  • Targeted community engagement for your page

  • A dedicated Social Media Specialist to manage your account

  • Brand expertise and guidance

All businesses and products need a marketing strategy to be well planned and beautifully executed. We have experience with corporate branding, tactical advertising, strategic planning, graphic design, web design, and web support.

Reach out today and use the full power of social media advertising!

Get Social In A Cinch!


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