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Why do You Need Content Marketing? A Guide to Advertising in Red Deer & Beyond

Content marketing has been called a “mission-critical growth method for businesses”, and we completely agree! At Cinch Communications in Red Deer, marketing usually starts and ends with content creation. We boost your company’s brand awareness, audience engagement, marketing reach and sales numbers with a thoroughly search-engine-optimized blog, professionally edited photos and video reels, and beautifully branded social media posts.  

Content is what your business—no matter the industry—should be using to connect with people, advertise your wares/services, build trust and generate leads. We like to think of good content creation as the subtle art of letting people get to know and love your company ethos. 

SEO & Blogging: Using Keywords to Get Seen by Google 

Blogging isn’t just a way for your business to regularly publish industry news and introduce your services to a broader audience—it’s directly linked to how easily Google and other search engines can find and catalogue your company website. Google’s algorithm (a mystery to many) regularly crawls cyberspace looking for new websites, photos, video clips and updates to existing online assets. During these reconnaissance missions, Google catalogues new assets and page updates so that when you and I use Google Search, we can find them.  

Here's what that means for your business: Without specialized key words and key phrases, your website isn’t going to look particularly important or interesting to Google’s crawlers. You could create the prettiest, friendliest, most appealing webpage in the world, but if it isn’t search-engine-optimized (SEO) nobody will ever find it. That’s where Cinch Communications comes in! We know how to find out which key words and key phrases are the most important for your company, region and industry, and we’ll put them in the right places. Your home page, sales pages, product pages—and, yes, your blog!—must be configured with SEO in mind.  

We publish a fresh new blog at least once a month featuring business strategies, industry trends, company news and updates. For some clients, we write and post a new blog every week, which can quickly boost a business’ spot in related Google Search listings. Every blog should be compelling, industry-specific and keyword-optimized. Its purpose is both to be readable and engaging, and to get you to the top of Google’s search page. 

Using Blogs to Boost Your Digital Marketing Strategy 

As you build your website, your company’s social media marketing shouldn’t fall by the wayside. In fact, it’s quick and easy to tie the two together and target hyper-local potential clients at the same time! Every time you publish a new blog, put the link up on your brand’s Facebook, LinkedIn or X account with a good image and caption. If you have a big back catalogue of blogs, dip into it from time to time to share evergreen information and industry topics. This also helps to create what we call “backlinks” to your main website, which is another important factor in your company’s Google rank. The more backlinks from reputable websites, the better. 


Your completed blogs are also an excellent source of content. Creation of Facebook posts and the like can be as simple as harvesting a few great quotations or facts from your previously written and published blogs and reframing them as individual bits of advice, news, motivation, etc. Fill up your social media calendar with events, sales notifications, new product info and brand-building content to keep your company name out there and relevant to the daily online conversation. 


Cinch Communications is your one-stop source for marketing and advertising in Red Deer. Our team of dedicated professionals handles all things SEO, Google Ads, website design, social media management, logo design and content. Canada and Alberta are our home, and we know how to make content that appeals to your local target market—and then we’ll take your business as far as it can go!  


Get in touch to talk marketing in Red Deer and beyond, and we’ll set up a content creation plan that suits your budget. Book a free client discovery meeting with Lindsey and see what Cinch Communications can do for you! 

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