Have you asked...

"How can I get my brand noticed and remembered?"

"How can I reach my target audience?"

"I don't have a big advertising budget, how can I get the best reach for my dollar?"

"My brand is not established, where do I start?"

"How do I use social media to grow my business?"

"Do I need to use social media for my business?"

Don't make decisions about your brand or how to use social media until you have talked to a Social Media Professional. With the right insight, we can make recommendations, help build your brand, improve customer service, and grow your business with social media. 

We believe in the importance of protecting and building the integrity of your brand. It's not always about the amount of content, but rather the quality of content that you post. We ensure your messaging, ads, and video commercials are designed with purpose to follow trends, seasonal industry requirements, content marketing needs, and growth goals.

When you Get Social with CINCH you get:

  • Regular post content based on your package posts per week.

  • Custom-designed ads to fit your message and your brand. 

  • 10-30 second commercials made specifically for you, every month.

  • Targeted community engagement for your page.

  • A dedicated Social Media Specialist to manage your account.

  • Brand expertise and guidance.

Social media packages start at as low as $585/month. Contact us and let's get started!